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Free pattern Medical face mask






Description: medical mask with elastic ear loops and nose clip, double-layered, reusable.


Sizes: S, M, L.


Recommended materials: the main material can be muslin, cotton or linen. Tissue or any unwoven material can be used as a replaceable filter inserted between the main fabrics.


Additional supplies needed:

- elasticated ribbon (elastic) 40 cm long or shorter

- wire for the nose clamp

- threads (same color as the base fabric), 1 spool


Life hack: wire clamp usually used for the packages (e.g. bread packs) could also be used as the nose clamp.


Difficulty level: easy.


How to download the pattern: click "Download medical face mask". The pattern in PDF format is immediately saved to your computer or smartphone. You can print the pattern in full size on a regular printer on A4 paper (for more information about printing, see the FAQ section). Pattern is free! Registration on the site is not required.


Recommendations on the exploitation of the reusable face mask:

The mask should fit tightly to your face, covering mouth, chin and nose. The folds of the mask should be unfolded, shaping the mask with a more functional shape for a snug fit to your face. Remember to put a new, dry and clean mask at least every 2 hours (as soon as the old mask gets wet).


Reusable mask should be washed with washing powder or soap and ironed on both sides after using it.

Masks sewed by our customers: Черных ЕленаBOGEY66Пена ГаеваТатьяна С.

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